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Obsidian Wasp by CrissCross FPV



  • Now with free Diatone PCB wire!
  • Simple and mad Racing Drone frame
  • 8 mm thick 3k Plain/ UD CF composite Hybrid boomerang arms
  • changeable frame layout – TrueX/ StretchedX
  • prop level cam position
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Compact and simple, robust and strong. Obsidian Wasp does let you enjoy any flight, keeping away your fear of being destroyed in crash.
CrissCrossFPV drone frames with thick Hybrid arms is a result of constant design, testing and development in pursuit of excellence. FPV drones frames with thick Hybrid arms were created under “Durability First” approach, following rest of CrissCrossFPV’s frames properties – low drag, light weight, elaborate design and diversity of options.
‚ÄúSymmetry” is the key word describing Obsidian Wasp construction design. It helps to assemble the drone without any hesitation as process of assembling is straightforward. Frame has battery mounting options on Top or Bottom. Positioning of the battery plays significant role in drone flying characteristics. You can try both to understand which battery position suits your flying style better.
Thick Hybrid arms are combining best from regular and vertical arms. They are easy to install and use as regular arms, no need for special mounts and brackets. And in the same time they has minimal frontal area and low drag same as vertical arms. Additionally to all above mentioned Hybrid arms are extremely durable and strong, with ability to withstand high velocity impacts and are almost indestructible within regular use conditions.
Obsidian Wasp is featuring arms with two mounting options. Frame can be assembled as TrueX or Stretched X layouts. It is a solid platform for use of bigger and powerful 24xx/25xx motors.
Each frame set is supplied with long Nylon screws, anti-vibration o-rings, motor screws and Low ESR Rubycon capacitor.
All plates and arms have chamfered edge, they are nice to touch and safe for wires.
Top and bottom plates are mounted with countersunk screws. That makes surface flat and allows easy and unobstructed mounting of battery.
Top materials used only, see details below.
Happy flying!!!


  • True X/ Stretched X type frame
  • 215/ 225 mm MTM (TrueX/ StretchedX)
  • 78 grams weight including hardware
  • 23 mm high stack
  • 30.5×30.5 and 20×20 stack mounting options
  • up to 5.2 inch props
  • for Micro sized cams
  • up to 90 deg. rotation angle of camera


  • 2x 8 mm thick boomerang arm made from Toray T700 3k Plain Full Woven CF sheet with high gloss finishing
  • 1x 2 mm thick top plate made from Toray T700 3k Plan/ UD CF sheet with high gloss finishing
  • 1x 3 mm thick bottom plate made from Toray T700 3k Plan/ UD CF sheet with high gloss finishing
  • 4x 10 mm long 7075 T6 Aluminium standoff
  • 1x set of steel hardware


  • 1x 20x220mm Polyester battery straps with non-slip silicone layer
  • 1x low ESR Rubycon 35V 1500uF capacitor
  • 1x set of anti-damping o-rings with long nylon screws for stack
  • 1x set of Carbon steel motor screws
  • 4x Diatone PCB wire


  • 24xx/ 25xx sized motors
  • FuriousFPV Racepit 30.5×30.5 Flight Controller
  • Aikon AK32 4-in-1 55A 6S 30.5×30.5 4in1 ESC
  • RunCam Racer2 Micro camera
  • TBS Unify Nano Vtx
  • TBS Crossfire Nano Rx


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