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3D print has quickly become an integral part of the FPV hobby. Largely because it’s the easiest way to get exactly what you need for your model quickly, which really helps in a hobby as dynamic as FPV. With a relentless stream of new parts and new frames hitting the market, being able to produce accessories for them quickly is a necessity for some of us.

While there are lot of great 3D print service providers online, most of them are expensive, especially if you only need a small number of items. Very few will have any level of understanding when it comes the parts used in FPV, or the best materials for these parts. Most don’t even offer the materials we are used to using.

This print service is for FPV related items only but if you’re part of The Rotorious FPV Underground, maybe I’ll bend that rule. I’m not doing this for any other reason other than to support our fans with getting their models to where they really want them to be. I try to supply all of our models with accessories to support the most common parts but that doesn’t mean thats all I want you to be using on them. We are proud to offer more customisation to your kits than any other designer/producer out there.

If you’ve found yourself here, you already know about our print quality. Maybe you know that most of the materials in use in FPV today, Jack was using long before the rest of the scene. We have a lot of experience in 3D modelling and printing. We do not cut corners to save time or money. We know you guys are picky, we’re the same, some arn’t, and good for them. You wont catch us using any dog chew looking printed parts on our flyers that’s for sure.

To request our 3D print service, just fill out the webform below and I will respond to your request. Please use the bottom message box for more detailed info. If you have a URL to an item you need printing, please paste it in.

The printed items will ship from Germany, we may offer this service from the USA in the future but we have no immediate plans for this. The shipping costs will be on a case by case basis and cheaper than you might think. I’ll make you aware of the available options when we discuss the item(s).



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