• Highest quality Japanese carbon fibre (1.5mm base)
  • Choice of motor and flight controller mounting options (see kit specifics below)
  • High quality 3d Printed, semi flexible TPU accessories
  • Comes with battery grip pad and antenna protection tubing with caps
  • If you have any questions, ask on the Rotorious FPV Underground Facebook group, link in product description below
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Another true ROTORIOUS classic returns with some improvements, increased strength, more options and an updated look! It’s slightly larger than previous versions at 90mm, this makes the build easy, even for those new to custom builds.

Some things remain the same, it still swings up-to 60mm props, same true X design and it’s still built to take a beating while staying light. It’s at home ripping through your hallways, carving up lines in the backyard or racing your mates in the local hall.

The Speck now comes in 2 kit types, this one is one for FPV AIOs, 7 & 8mm brushed motors and also 07xx nano brushless motors, including the new Sunnysky 0705 motors on an effective soft-mount. Having the motors so close to the flight controller, the soft-mount really helps. Make sure that if you go brushless, don’t fuck about with 0703, go for the 0705, you’ll be surprised at how punchy they are with a 55mm prop, its better to have the power than not.

The FPV AIO camera unit provided with this kit now has protection due to the provided tube kit, this can also be used to either mount your antennas. The pod also has an integrated micro buzzer mount, I will try to include a buzzer in each kit as long as I have the buzzer stock to do so.

This kit also comes with battery grip pads and has cutouts for using a velcro strap to secure your battery, I still prefer a good quality elastic band though, it grips well and is just easier to use. 12 and 15mm standoffs will be included in the hardware pack, if you know how to build tight and want to slam your build, we now offer some printed M2 and M3 micro spacer kits that include a bunch of 3 and 4mm spacers in our accessories section.



  • 16×16 M2 flight controller mount pattern
  • FPV AIO camera only
  • 1.5mm Japanese super strong carbon fibre base
  • Can accept 7 & 8mm brushed motors (choose motor type)
  • Can accept 07xx brushless motors by using soft-mount adapter kit (just choose motor type, 07XX adapters also sold separately in accessories section, 0705 is recommended)
  • ~11g (slight fluctuation depending on pod and motor mount choices)

Speck accessories are also available separately.

Thanks for the support!

Designed by: Jack “Juicy Jack” Seymour


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