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  • Highest quality Japanese T700 Toray Carbon Fiber used through-out
  • Replaceable arms
  • High quality 7075 aircraft grade M3 aluminium hardware
  • For 11xx motors and up-to 3″ props
  • 20x20mm flight controller/stack mounting pattern
  • High quality 3d Printed, semi flexible TPU accesories
  • Comes with battery grip pad
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Things have changed quite a bit in the micro scene lately, we’re seeing a good selection of micro motors, lipos,  props, flight controllers and micro CCD cameras hitting the market. Finally, you can have all the features of your miniquad on your garden hedge chopping micro machine.

The Radical Micro has been designed to be a legit race frame, shrunk down, with all the features of the larger Radical racing frame. It’s tough, easy to build and supports the majority of micro electronics out there.

With the RIP only accepting a very specific set of parts, I wanted a very flexible micro platform that can support as many different components as possible, will allow you to soft-mount your stacks (even though the filters are putting in work nowadays), as well as allowing the pilot the choice of battery mount positions.

The arms are thick but skinny and low drag arms, this offers 2 race advantages over a wider, stronger arm. The first is that turbulence on the arms from the props is reduced for cleaner air. The second is an increase in thrust efficiency as the airflow isn’t pushing down on a large surface area. The arms can be removed quickly and easily in the field or between race heats if needed, as you only need to remove 2 bolts from the frame and however many you have in the motor. The arms interlock at the core of the frame and the holes that the bolts pass through to secure the arms are tight by design, so there is zero slack in the individual arms and any impact stresses are spread across the entire air-frame. This means the amount of hardware required to keep the frame from falling to bits in use is minimal, which means further weight loss.

The standoff supplied with this kit are 25mm to fit a stack with vtx like the HGLRC F4xx series, if you prefer 20mm, let us know in the payment notes and we’ll include 20mms instead, as long as we have them in stock.

For this batch, we’re gonna add all the accessories we offer for this kit to your order free of charge, that includes:

  • A set of scuff guards/motor soft mounts that can be flipped upside down if you choose not to soft mount your motors
  • A micro CCD camera mount (for cameras such as the Runcam Micro Swift)
  • RX antenna mount
  • FPV antenna mount (works for linear whips offered with VTX03 or Axii UFL, anything with 2mm coax)
  • Micro (9mm) buzzer mount

There’s one accessory we will only offer as an added extra, as we know not all people will use it, that’s the top mount battery print. This print gives your battery a platform so the bolts don’t dent your packs, it also keeps your strap in place and mounts your XT30 power line. This is an additional £2/$2.50, to add it, just select the option in the drop-downs.

Radical Micro accessories are also available separately.

Designed by: Jack “Juicy Jack” Seymour

If you have any questions, or want to see this kit built up, check out the Rotorious FPV Underground Facebook group:


Thanks for the support!


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