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  • Highest quality Japanese T700 Toray Carbon Fiber used through-out (3mm plates)
  • High quality 7075 aircraft grade M3 aluminium hardware
  • Suitable for 13xx-14xx motors, various 18xx-22xx and up to 4″ props
  • 20x20mm M2 and M3 flight controller/stack mounting pattern
  • High quality 3d Printed, semi flexible TPU accessories
  • Comes with battery grip pad and antenna protection tubing with caps
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Racing is where the Rocketman is heading with its all new stretch X geometry. It now comes in 3 and 4 inch sizes FOR 13XX/14XX motors. We have made improvements on the motor head design increasing its strength and styling to become even more ROTORIOUS. The kit will still come with the taller 35mm standoffs to accommodate the 4 in 1 guys but you can now purchase shorter standoffs and slam your Rocketman by putting the ESC on the arms. Due to the Stretch X geometry and the wider FOV of the micro cams you will get some frame and motor in your picture but let’s be honest, if you’re looking at that and not the gates you’re not using this ting for its intended purpose, KICKING ASS!

The frame was designed for micro CCD cameras like the Swift micro or Arrow micro and any M3 or M2 20×20 flight controller.  The build is easy, straight-forward and practical thanks to the printed accessories that come with this frame. The arms were designed to hold your ESCs but experienced builders should be able to use a stack-able flight controller and 4xESC combo and still  have plenty room for the camera, which has as much protection as you can get. GO HARD!

Rocketman accessories are also available separately.

Designed by: Jack “Juicy Jack” Seymour & John “SUPERFLY901” Trent

If you have any questions, please ask on the Rotorious FPV Underground Facebook group so we can share the information.


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