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  • Highest quality Japanese T700 Toray Carbon Fiber used through-out (3mm base and 2mm top)
  • High quality 7075 grade M3 aluminium hardware
  • For 11xx & 13xx-14xx motors and up-to 3″ props
  • 20x20mm M2 & M3 flight controller/stack mounting pattern
  • High quality 3d Printed, semi flexible TPU accessories
  • Comes with battery grip pad and antenna protection tubing with caps
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The CB122 was inspired by the IRC Alien. A tried and true design with simplicity in mind the 2.5” frame was designed around the popular Runcam Swift Micro and your choice of ANY 20×20 FC. With many requests for a 3” version we had to come through for you guys so here it is. The new CB3 has both M2 and M3 FC holes like the original but with a slightly longer body and new 25mm standoffs you are now able to cram more goodies into this little gem. The CB3 now supports 11xx AND 13xx/14XX motors and you can easily achieve 8:1 power to weight when paired with the right motor prop combo. The CB3 is easy to work on, light, strong, reliable, and even better looking than before!

CB accessories are also available separately.

Thanks for the support!

Designed by: John “SUPERFLY901” Trent & Jack “Juicy Jack” Seymour

If you have any questions, please ask on the Rotorious FPV Underground Facebook group so we can share the information.


Thanks for the support!


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