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JST connector with silicone 75mm cable
80C discharge rate
52x30x6mm approx size
18g approx weight


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Bonka are known to make some of the best racing lipos you can buy, so we wanted to bring some of that goodness to the brushed micro scene with a 1s HV lipo of a capacity that we know is going to be good for the frame kits we offer. HV lipos can be charged to 4.35V using an LiHV compatible charger. Being HV, they offer increased power and a higher capacity to weight ratio than a normal battery charged to 4.2V, resulting in longer flight times. They also increase your motor RPM, this will up your thrust by 10% (test using a set of Spintech Sidewinder brushed motors and 65mm Gemfan propellers, both available here). Nearly all 1S flight controllers are capable of HV without any need for modification. This makes switching to HV lipos an easy performance upgrade without any detriment. Did we mention more power?

These are currently available to UK addresses only due to lipo shipping restrictions. Orders are limited to 6 batteries per order and orders can be combined with other items.

If you need a parallel charging harness to be able to charge these lipos using your existing charger, they are available here in the parts category.

Any non UK orders containing batteries will have the lipos refunded.




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