• EITHER 2 sets of antenna tubes with end caps OR a set of antenna tubes with end caps and printed mounts (chose using drop-downs)
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Tough yet flexible nylon antenna tubes with rubber end caps with or without mounts for your receiver antennas. These tubes are 3mm in diameter and will keep your antennas from getting prop chopped while keeping them in a position to receive your RC input. These fit all of the antenna tube mounts sent out with our frame kit print packs. The printed mounts fit the most common stand-offs with an o/d of 5mm.

Just chose the one drop-down for options, the next drop-down is to select is select the colour of the printed antenna tube mounts if you chose to have mounts, leave as black if you don’t need the printed mounts.

If you have any questions, please ask on the Rotorious FPV Underground Facebook group so we can share the information.

ROTORIOUS FPV UNDERGROUND (<- just click the link)

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